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Le Thermique is a smart, practical and affordable thermo cooker for everyday use in kitchens. Le Thermique has more than 21 functions and up to 10 appliances  all-in-one compact kitchen device. It also synchronize with WiFi by using apps to control the device and transfer it’s own apps recipes collection to Le Thermique.

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Le Thermique is a Quick, Simple and Smart Kitchen Device. It has All-in-One appliances combine several appliances into one, which can free up your kitchen space – a “CHOICE home economist “ 

There are more than 21 cooking functions: Electric Weighing. Chopping. Stewing . Steaming . Thick Soup . Quick Soup . Stirring . Kneading . Rice/Porridge . Smoothies. Yogurt. Crushing . Emulsifying . Beating . Whipping . Mincing . Milling . Grinding . Slow Cook . Boiling . Bain Marie, Sugar Stages , Precision Temperature Sous Vide cooking and more..

It adapted the technology of heat power system with an Unique Flavor & Taste of ‘WOK’.  The precise and even cooking temperature deliver consistent high quality results.  It’s also synchronize with WiFi by using apps to search for your favorite cloud recipes and control the device cooking step by step.

It is a Quick, Simple and Sophisticated Elaborations smart kitchen thermo cooker creates every meal for the most relaxing moment.


它有超过21种烹饪功能电动称重, 搅拌、混合、磨碎,碾碎、搅动、切碎, 捏合,炖, 蒸煮, 慢煮,烹饪,浓汤, 快汤 , 做米饭/粥,冰沙 ,酸奶, 粉碎, 乳化,隔水炖锅 , 制作焦糖, 真空低温烹饪等。






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